Skimmed milk powder 1,5%

25 kg | DSTU 4272:2003 (GOST 10970-87)

Skimmed milk powder is produced of pasteurized non-fat milk by condensing and further drying in a pulverizing machine.

Taste and flavor are typical for fresh pasteurized milk without secondary tastes and odors. Consistency: finaly pulverized dry milk powder.

Color: white or light cream-coloured.
Moisture content, not more than 5,0%.
Milk fat content, not less than 1,5%.
Solubility index, not more than 10 000 cubic cm of moist sediment.
Acidity, not more than 21,0 Т°.
Purity, not less than ІІ group.
МАaFАB up to 100 000.
Salmonella in 25 g of product is absent.
Coliform Bacteria is not acceptable.
Package: four-layer paper bag with plastic insert.

Term of storage:
18 months at the temperature not higher than 25°C and relative humidity not higher than 85%.