“Cachotta” cheese

~ 300 g

Exclusive natural cheese, produced exclusively of extra-class milk according to the traditional Italian recipe and technology.

Cachotta is an Italian cheese with a semi-hard texture, aged for 21 days with a rich creamy taste. It is traditionally produced by small farms. Each cheese factory has its own original recipe.

The manufacturing process of this product requires special conditions and the skills of experienced cheese makers. It is necessary to have a special boilers on a waterbath with a built-in iron grid, a cooking thermometer, thick-walled gastro containers with tight lids, cheese molds.

It is consumed as a separate dish, as well as for making sandwiches, hot dishes, salads, and pastries. Cachotta goes best with white wine.

Term of storage:
75 days at the temperature from 0 °C to 6 °C and relative humidity not higher than 85%.